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A Mesh Generator and Pre-Processor for
FEA and CFD Analysis

Technical Support

A regular TrueGrid® license comes with a complete support package. Contact XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. and communicate directly with an experienced TrueGrid® user. Help is available for all types and difficulty of problems. A TrueGrid® expert can offer advice, tips, and techniques that may help you improve your mesh or save you time. The tech support team is also available to help with any hardware issues to make sure your TrueGrid® license is installed and running successfully.

You can receive help from many different sources:

Contact XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. Directly

Contact us Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm pst, by any of the following methods:

Phone: (925) 349-6318

Fax: (925) 826-5745


View Our FAQ Page

The FAQ section was included to provide further information to some of our most frequently asked questions. You may find the answer to your question here.

Reference Documentation

All TrueGrid® manuals and documents were designed to be both a reference and a user's guide. You may find help or answers to your questions in any of the following documents:

  • The TrueGrid® User's Manual explains and discuss all tools and features.
  • The TrueGrid® Examples Manual has all types of examples to help users learn.
  • The TrueGrid® Tutorial describes basic TrueGrid® concepts.
  • TrueGrid® Output Manuals are available for help with output to different analysis codes.

Bug Reports

If you believe you have found a bug, please report to XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. immediatley. Once you have provided tech support enough information to replicate the bug, they will begin working to fix it. If the bug cannot be fixed immediately tech support will work with you to provide a work around so you can get back to your problem as quickly as possible. As soon as the bug is fixed you will be notified so you can download the latest version of TrueGrid® off the web.