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A Mesh Generator and Pre-Processor for
FEA and CFD Analysis

Consulting Services

It has been estimated that mesh generation accounts for 80% of the time it takes for an analysis problem. Many engineers do not have the time or experience it takes to build a quality mesh. It is often more cost effective and time saving to contract the mesh generation to experts who can solve the problem quickly.

Receive A Quality Mesh in a Fraction of the Time

XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. has expert TrueGrid® users with many years of mesh generation experience, who are available for consultation. Your mesh generation problem will be solved in the minimal time and effort, producing an optimal mesh for your application. The session file can fully parameterized so you can build a whole class of meshes, automatically. Consulting is a good way to evaluate TrueGrid® to determine if it is the right tool for your problem and to discover how quickly a quality mesh can be built. All proprietary information is kept safe and confidential.

Customized Code Developement

Your mesh generation needs may be unique, requiring customized code development. TrueGrid® code developers are available to add special features to TrueGrid® to meet your needs.

Receive a Quote

Consulting or development work estimates are based on the project. Contact XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. for a free estimate.