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A Mesh Generator and Pre-Processor for
FEA and CFD Analysis

The popular TrueGrid® at home policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended indefinitely. If you or your company owns a valid license of TrueGrid® and it is under maintenance, you can request a 90 day free license so that you can continue with your work at home at no extra cost. To receive this temporary license, email us at Ask for the COVID-19 temporary license and include your company name.

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Large-Eddy Simulation of Flow Through a Novel Vascular Access Device for Hemodialysis Access

by ALEKSANDR OBABKO, Argonne National Laboratory, EDUARD TSYRULNYKOV, Kenvelo LLC, ROBERT RAINSBERGER, XYZ Scientic Applications, ALVARO V. TORREIRA, HASSAN NAGIB, Illinois Institute of Technology, ANIL AGARWAL, Ohio State University, PAUL F. FISCHER, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Generated using TrueGrid® and simulated using NEK5000. See abstract and presentation view graphs. Click on picture to see mjep movie.

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Light Unibody Composite Structures

The combination of the homogeneous essentially unidirectional composite developed by Steven Tsai at Stanford and the unique lattice structure designed in TrueGrid® forms a composite structure that is 1/4 the weight of aluminum. The new book "Composite Laminates: Theory and Practice of Analysis, Design and Layup" by S. W. Tsai and Associates contains the details of this proprietary method.

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Pre-Processor to More Than 30 Analysis Codes

TrueGrid® is compatible with today's most popular simulation codes including Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-Dyna and NASTRAN. In addition to generating the mesh for these simulation codes, TrueGrid® has pre-processing applications as well. TrueGrid® generates control parameters, options, loads, contact surfaces, and conditions. Element type, section, and material properties can also be specified.

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3D Hex and 2D Quad Meshes

With TrueGrid®, users have complete control over the design of their mesh. All meshes are composed of block structured hex or quad grids. TrueGrid® has an integrated library of element shapes which include 3D hex, prism, pyramid, and tet bricks; 2D quad and triangular shells; 1D beams; and special elements such as springs, dampers and point masses. 3D, 2D, and 1D elements can be linear or quadratic.

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Structure-Fluid Interface

TrueGrid®'s block structured approach and projection method allows users to create a mesh for either fluids or structures. In addition, this technique makes it easy to build a structure that matches the faces of a fluid, forming a perfect interface between fluids and structures. This method allows TrueGrid® to embed one mesh inside another.

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Features for Assemblies

TrueGrid®'s assembly features allow users to build complex models. The block boundary feature ensures exact interface between parts. Transitioning between dissimilar parts is automatic and guarantees the same block boundary precision. Parts are easily replicated to form complex assemblies from simple components. The include feature can be envoked to re-use template parts.

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Adapts to Different Types of Geometry

The TrueGrid® projection method conforms the mesh to the shape of the geometry. This geometry can come from many sources including IGES, STL or Polygon data files, as well as other non-standard forms of geometry such as biological data, survey data or digital laser-scanned data. With TrueGrid®'s smart geometry features the geometry does not have to be perfect; gaps and overlaps are automatically cleaned-up. Import your own geometry or access TrueGrid®'s vast geometry library.

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Parametric Capabilities

TrueGrid® can be used both interactively and with a scripting file. The scripting language allows models to be continually redefined as the understanding of the problem evolves. Parameters, algebraic formulas, conditional statements, looping constructs, array processing, and user defined functions are all part of the scripting language. Combined with the include feature, the scripting language becomes a programming language in geometry and mesh generation.

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Customer Support

Your TrueGrid® license comes with a complete support package. Users have access to extensive documentation including a two volume User's Manual with over 1,000 colored diagrams and a comprehensive Examples Manual. You have direct access to expert TrueGrid® users who are ready to help you with your question or problem. Bug reports are appreciated and promptly addressed - experts will help you work around or have it fixed within days of the report.